The first race photography team.

In racing there are all kinds of positions. Crew members, car owners, drivers, promoters, sponsors, officials, scorekeepers and announcers.  Well let us tell you about this team and their position. After serving our country and building race cars for E.J. Donor, then being a flagman for one season at Placerville, Louie Vermil, the promoter at Calistoga, had an idea and this team was formed to start giving something back to the drivers and the racing industry as a whole.  Although never winning a championship or a single race at all because of their position, they were first in everything.  First husband and wife team, first to come out with a newsletter for a racing series and first to ever put a proposal together to become the series official one and only photographers. That’s what this couple did for so many years because of the love they had for this
sport. Their goal was to capture the moments for family members and the fans by providing an exciting program to read while sitting in the grandstands cheering on your favorite driver.  They finally retired in 2000 and in 2017 Bob was voted into the hall of fame at Calistoga. They are only the 2nd of their profession to be voted into the NCARA Hall of Fame but once again the first ever as a team.  We could not be more proud of our final inductee’s into the NCARA’s Class of 2019 Hall of Fame for Chico.
Bob and Cookie Pool
Race Photographers Bob and Cookie Pool.

A touching moment

Here is a video of Bob & Cookie accepting their Hall of Fame award and giving Mary Burton a framed photo of her and lloyd.