What it means to be an NCARA member.

If you love racing like we do then you know how important it is to keep the history alive. Growing up in this area we've all seen the races happening on Saturday nights and just thought it would always be around. Well a few decades have passed and so have a few great race car drivers. Time is not standing still and neither are we when it comes to preserving as much Northern California Racing history as we can. But we can't do it alone. We need those of you in the community that love the sport to join us and help keep the history alive.

One of the biggest responsibilities of a member is to vote on some of the greatest drivers and racing personnel of all time into the NCARA Hall of Fame. We recognize these people up on the stage with a few words about their history and a plaque. This is done at one of our 2 award ceremonies and BBQ's that we put on for our members 2 times a year. Good food, great stories and an emotional bond that can't be found anywhere else is what you'll experience at one of these events. As a member we also encourage you to share your stories with us and let us help to make it a part of history right here on this site. Together we can keep Northern California Racing history alive.

NCARA Awards Ceremony and BBQ 2019

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Hall of Fame inductees Tony Montgomery "Big T" - Track Official Pat Briggs  - Sponsor Larry Bayless - Driver.  Open Competition at Shasta Speedway from 1975-2010.  Nor Cal Winner  from…

Photos from our Chico Award ceremony and BBQ

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Another year has come and gone for our Chico edition of the NCARA Award ceremony and BBQ. It was one of the most heart felt gatherings we've had to date.…
Phil Corcoran by Tony Hord

A re-creation of a lifetime of memories

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One of the many jobs of a Historian Phil Corcoran is a historian of racing in Northern Californa and specifically Shasta County.  We're proud to have him as a board…
NCARA and Tony Hord

The 2019 NCARA Hall of Fame Award Ceremony in Chico

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2019 NCARA Hall of Fame and other inductees. We would like to thank everyone who came out for the 2019 NCARA Hall of Fame Award Ceremony and Bar-B-Que.  It was…