Bob Quiring

Son Larry Quiring accepting the Hall of Fame award for his father Bob Quiring.


What is a father?  A father is a teacher, a role model and sometimes a hero to his kids. This inductee to his own son, was his best friend and the best man at his
wedding.  After the Korean War in 1952 while in the Navy, this father and best friend ended up in California and bought an auto wrecking yard.  By 1959 he was
building race cars right in that yard.  Who wouldn’t with all those parts laying around?  The first car he built was for George Scott who was racing at the old 8th
street track in Chico. As the years went on so did his car building, moving on to the hardtops, when he built a car for Hall of Famer John McHenry which resulted
in a championship.  In 1964 Bob finally got behind the wheel, finishing 4th place behind Hall of Famers and great drivers such as Don Vise, Harry Huddleson and Bill Durham
This inductee loved everything about racing.  The motto was, you’re enemies in the pits and on the track but after the racing is over, we are going to have a beer until we are friends again. The last car he
built was done in only 1 night!  It had the fastest recorded time in qualifying and was the trophy dash and main event winner.  We are honored to have Chico’s Bob Quiring as our first inductee into the Northern California Auto Racing Alumni’s Hall of Fame.